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Landon Bartley


Landon Bartley is a senior planner for the City of Grand Rapids, and since mid-2018 has been the City's de facto marijuana manager, with approximately 90% of his day-to-day work having now been diverted to that project. Before marijuana, he worked closely with neighborhood and business groups on outreach efforts regarding planning and development in the city, also focusing on zoning ordinance research, affordable housing efforts, and active transportation issues. He received a Master's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Michigan State University, and worked in former Governor Granholm's office on economic and land use policy, serving as staff for the Cool Cities Initiative and Land Use Leadership Council in that role.


With the approval by voters of recreational marijuana last fall, municipalities are struggling to hash out appropriate rules and procedures. The Grand Rapids Planning Commission has been burning through the first round of medical applications, but the City Commission has not yet made a formal decision on recreational. This session will provide an update on this budding industry in the City, an overview of the current zoning framework, and a blunt assessment of
how additional regulations could roll out in the future.