frequently asked questions

First question, do you have to be 21?

Yes, you must be 21 to enter the expo.


Do you need to be a Michigan resident or have a medical card to attend?

No, you only need to be 21 and no medical card is required. This expo is to educate what we can expect out of Michigan’s newly-legal recreational cannabis industry.


Will you be able to smoke/consume cannabis products at the expo?

No, it is illegal to smoke recreationally in a public event space at this time. The State of Michigan isn’t approving licenses until November 1st, but we look forward to future events with the use of cannabis.


Will there be product to buy?

Yes! We will be selling CBD products. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to sell anything with THC at the expo.


What kind of exhibitors can you expect?

We have exhibitors in all different areas of the industry. From legal, real estate, accounting, hydroponics, seeds, marketing, facilities, cultivation, etc. We will start sharing our exhibitors on our social media but additionally, they will be listed on the website.


When are the seminars going on? 

Seminars will be going on both days, all day long. We’ve been releasing a seminar a week and will have the full schedule listed closer to the event.


Is there an extra cost to attending the seminars?

No! They’re included in the price of your ticket. In advance, the cost for a one day pass is $10 and for a 2 day pass, $15. If you wait until day of, at the door, the tickets increase to $15 for one day and $25 for a two day pass.


Additionally, we’re excited to announce an exclusive opportunity. We invited our exhibitors to a mixer after the expo and thought it would be valuable to open up this networking opportunity to the public. There will only be 150 spots open. This upgrade will cost $50 in addition to your ticket to get into the event. Appetizers and complimentary drinks are included in that price. The mixer upgrade will go on sale Friday.